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Clock Day again? But I just did that last year!

Posted by PhonographClock - August 15th, 2017

Hi its me very famous man PhonographClock. I arrive to inform the one person who reads these that I DID make a movie this year, and its just as great as I hoped it would be! Check it out! 

I also decided to just rehash some of my old art and upload it onto the site, all of which can be viewed here. They're not particularily good, but then again, when have I ever been particularily good? (Always)

Alright real talk, its a darn shame I couldn't work on my actual submission since I want to start getting some kind of a series going. After the completion of PhonographClock Explores A Desert, the movie gave me enough material to work with that it opened up this floodgate of ideas and I've been wanting to piss them out all over the website ever since. I just have to commit to pissing in the toilet and not in my pants, if you catch my drift. But I'll worry about that once I get everything sorted out, which could take awhile.

Anyway, Here's a shameless plug for my youtube channel, which also has all of my animations on it as well as some other stuff. Please subscribe so I can feel better about myself thanks.

So yeah thats the deal with me. Happy Clock Day to all and I hope you all enjoy yourselves. Remember to vote 5 on gosh darned everything today. I will make this promise now so that I will have to commit myself to it and you can lynch me if I don't follow through: I will make a new and much better movie for the following year. Two or three if I get ambitious. Remember these words well, because I probably won't. Just...leave a memo for me or something.

See you all next year!


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Thanks for informing me then. Happy Clock Day.

Happy Clock Day to you too!